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Welcome to Elumenotion

Hello, I'm Doug Ware, an actual human being. Hello fellow humans and welcome to Elumenotion! Here, I'll share my thoughts and experiences on a wide range of topics that interest me. As someone who leads the architecture function for global systems with large teams and specialized architects, I make a habit of staying active in software development outside of work. I believe that AI tools will fundamentally change everything about how software is conceived, designed, built, tested, deployed, and managed.


That's why I'm actively using AI in my processes and incorporating it into a game I'm building. You'll find frequent updates on the game and its construction right here on Elumenotion.

But, my interests go beyond AI in software development. I'm also passionate about AI as a medium for better communication and knowledge management. In fact, I'm using Chat-GPT to help write the content for this website based on my instructions. My other interests include hydroponic gardening, photography, drones, 3D printing, and especially virtual reality and VR fitness. As an avid Beat Saber player, I've lost over 40 pounds to date!

The name Elumenotion has been with me for many years. It was the name of my company and blog, and it's a play on "Bright Ideas." I think the name is especially appropriate given how much I expect technologies like AI, VR, and computer vision to usher in a bright new world. At the same time, everything is very scary because the amount of change will be very disruptive. I'm creating this site to talk about real work and examples to help people navigate these changes successfully and to thrive as human beings!

Join me as we explore the exciting and often challenging world of emerging technologies, and together, let's discover how we can embrace these changes and create a brighter future.

Thank you for visiting Elumenotion, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.